May – Yet another Gathering success!

Written by  on June 15, 2019 

The weather was mainly warm and dry with a forecast for it to remain so; the grass was cut on the field; cakes, coffee, teas and hot food were all ready; and car parking space fenced off ready to go. Oh, and we have an overflow car park should we need it. All we needed was the sort of turnout we had for 4 Gatherings last year. We waited, ready, and were not disappointed. The vehicles started arriving at a trickle, then a faster flow and finally what seemed like a continuous line arriving at the gate. 

The turn out was just about as good as our best Gathering yet which was in June last year. We estimate that there were around 480 cars visited us this time (with well over 100 classics), and about 140 motor bikes (of which over 50 were classic bikes). The variety of vehicles that showed up never ceases to amaze us. There are the faithful regulars who come whatever the weather, those that come when it’s fine and those that come for the first time. We always get surprised by the last category as it seems there are still loads of vehicles out there we haven’t seen at Gatherings before. Long may it continue that they arrive and surprise us. We’d love there to be so many that we spill into the overflow car park!

To list the vehicles that caught the eye would result in a pretty large write up – and deciding what would fall into this category is a personal choice, so we aren’t listing any vehicles in this report. As we’ve said before over the last 5 years of the Gatherings (Yes – we are in our 6thyear now!), if you want to know about or see these beautiful vehicles then make the effort and come along. You won’t be disappointed. You can also see a fair number of them on this website.

Such was the success of the evening that the cake stall sold ALL of its cakes (that’s never happened before) but we do plan not to run out again.

A big thank you goes to all who helped with the parking of all the vehicles, the food crew with Andy Saunders, the kitchen and cakes ladies, and of course all who attended and supported us. 

We look forward to seeing you there in June.

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