An August Sunshine Sandwich

Written by  on September 17, 2019 

You would hope that August would be a good month to hold an outdoors event, wouldn’t you? After all its traditional holiday time and we head off in search of sunshine….and whatever else you fancy. So, we look at the August Gathering and feel assured that it will be a warm dry day for the event. However, global warming and other world activities (excluding Brexit!) have an effect on our weather and it threatened to be a washout at one stage. What we did get was a day of heavy rain before; heavy rain on the day after; but a warm dry and partially sunny afternoon and evening on Gathering day. Yes – a sunny day sandwiched by rain.

The turnout was magnificent, with a record breaking 155 motorcycles turning up – our best yet. The number of cars attending was around 400 – which surprisingly is our lowest turnout this year. However, with the number of classic vehicles attending seemingly increasing each meeting, we are seeing that the word is truly spreading to more distant places. This increase in the number of classics is supported by the number of cars that are now parked in the “overflow” car park 

Yet again we were blessed to have some outstanding and rare vehicles on show. Not just old but rare more modern classics. As is now our custom, we won’t be putting out a list of the fantastic marques that we are able to attract, but if you are interested, intrigued or just fancy an evening out, then come along to the next meeting (on the 19th September) to see for yourself – or look at the website.

We look forward to seeing you in September.

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