A Damp Gathering

Written by  on September 8, 2021 

Over the years we have been extremely lucky with the weather on Gathering day. The weather is always of great interest to us organisers as good weather swells the crowds that attend whereas bad weather usually means the numbers are lower. So what happened in August? Well, for once the forecast was not only very gloomy, but it also turned out to be accurate! Close examination of the forecast leading up to Gathering day showed that light short showers were very likely at that time of day – so we were aware of what might happen.

Come the day the afternoon was warm and sunny with some partial cloud, and from as early as 2:00pm we had people arriving. There was a steady build up and the numbers were looking good, but the weather was not looking good. At about 5:10pm the heavens opened and we had one of those light short showers. It lasted about 15 minutes and moved on. By now, of course, everything was soaked and we wondered if people would now just go home… but they didn’t. after the rain an almost normal service resumed and many more vehicles arrived. Many said that once they got caught in the rain they may as well still come along and not return home.

Car numbers were down about 20% on the July Gathering, and motorbike numbers were down by a third – but still very well attended. To greet our visitors we had a few changes in effect. We set up the indoor bar as a draft beer only bar, and opened up a new “cans and bottles” bar outside. We also added a Pizza tent which offered – yes, you guessed it – pizzas. We shall review these arrangement to make sure they is providing a better service to our customers. 

It goes without saying that there were some fantastic vehicles on display – both cars and bikes. We don’t list them all as it would be an impossible task but there are a few pictures here .

Finally, many thanks as always to all who helped to make the event such a success. Whether it involved setting up the field, marshalling cars and motorcycles and arranging parking or clearing up when finished. Also we thank Andy Saunders and his team, the Rutland First Responders and the ladies in the kitchen and on the cake stall. Also a big “Thank You” to the Plough in Greetham for their donation – that is very much appreciated. Lastly, thank you to all who attended and helped make the day such a success. Same again in September? Let’s hope so – it will be that last one for this year so see you then. It will be on the 16th.

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