Click on the video below to get a flavour of just what the Greetham Gathering is all about…

*** The Gatherings are back! ***

Following on from the success of the July 2021 Gathering, we looked forward to a similar event in August. However, the weather decided to be out of season and gave us a downpour just as things were getting going. Fortunately it lasted only about 10 minutes and after it passed everyone just carried on as usual. 

Many owners don’t like to take their pride and joy into bad weather but this did not deter many of our attendees. If the vehicle gets rained upon after leaving home, then you may as well carry on to the Gathering and have a nice hot cuppa and a hot meal – and that seems to be what happened to so many.

Please note that we charge you £2.00 per vehicle on entering the Gathering – in CASH please as we have no contactless terminals (except in the bar or on the food wagon). It would be most helpful if you could have the correct money ready as we want to minimise contact over handling the cash and giving change – Thank You.

The Centre building was now fully open to gain access to the toilets, bar and kitchen hatch. New French windows allowed a more efficient route to the bar, and will make it much easier to exit the building. However there was some confusion over whether we were offering teas, coffees and cakes as they were not visible due to the bar queue being so popular. Yes  – we always provide teas, coffees and cakes – so that should satisfy many of our customers. So, we looked at the queueing situation with a view to making drinks easier to get, and changed the indoor bar to be “draft beer” bar and we set up a “bottles and cans” bar outside under a gazebo. We hope that helped with the queueing..



About the Gathering

The Greetham Gathering is an informal meeting of owners and enthusiasts with interests of classic and vintage motorcycles, cars and other classic vehicles. It is held once a month on the third Thursday of May, June, July, August and September, in the grounds of Greetham Community Centre. The event is open from about 5:00pm until dusk. We shall use this website to keep you informed of each event and any relevant information that you may need, so please check back here before you come to the event. The date of the remaining 2021 Gathering is:

16th September 2021

We do ask that all attendees be mindful of the fact that the location is on the edge of a village, and that you keep your vehicle speed to within the legal limits as there are children here. Also, please refrain from making excessive noise when driving through the village as we want the residents to be supportive of the Gathering, and please do not park on the grass verges around the Gathering – we have ample parking on-site. To that end, we operate a one-way traffic flow system whereby you approach the venue from the centre of the village and proceed north up Great Lane. Under no circumstances can we allow vehicles to approach from the north side of Greetham down the gated section of Great Lane. Vehicles exiting the Gathering will be directed away from the village to keep disturbance in the village to a minimum. We know it may add a few minutes to your travel time, but we hope you understand the reasons. These travel requirements are a condition of us being allowed to hold the Gathering and thus keep our neighbours “on-side” with the event. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this.

All are welcome – with or without a classic or vintage vehicle! Come along and savor the relaxed setting and informal atmosphere. Relax and enjoy a drink (hot and cold!) and a bite.

On site we provide:

  • Ample parking including disabled (we are currently charging just £2.00 per vehicle to enter). Motorcycles will be parked on tarmac, other vehicles on grass. Cars will be charged their parking fee at the gate; motorcyclists when they dismount. We like to segregate classic/vintage vehicles from more modern ones, so be prepared….
  • A fully licensed bar will be open
  • Hot food, cakes, teas, coffee and non-alcoholic beverages will also be available

All profits are donated to the local Air Ambulance service. We have now made a presentation of our 2019 donation to the local Air Ambulance, and we are pleased and proud to announce that we have donated our largest amount yet – £2500. Thank you so much for your support. That’s over £11,000 since we started the Gatherings.

We look forward to seeing you at a 2021 Gathering…….

Note: All photos, pictures and articles on this website are copyright of The Greetham Gathering and must not be copied or reproduced in any format without express prior written consent of the Greetham Gathering management committee. Also, we cannot allow any drone activity near or over the venue of the Gathering unless the drone provider has satisfied the Gathering Committee with evidence, in advance, that they are competent, licensed, insured and can fully comply with CAA guidelines and requirements, and must satisfy the Gathering management committee of the intended use of any recorded material obtained.