Where do they all come from?!

Written by  on August 12, 2019 

In the words of the famous song “Eleanor Rigby” the verse goes “All the lonely people, where do they all come from?” but I am quick to change one letter so that it reads “All the lovelypeople, where do they all come from?” Yes, we had yet another massive turnout for our July Gathering and we do ask ourselves the question. It’s so cheering to meet all of the attendees – you are all so keen, friendly – and welcome! We reckon it just about matches our most successful meet so far which was in May of this year. Yet again we were blessed with dry, and sometimes a little cloudy, weather; bit it never threatened to rain. It was warm and a little humid.

The turnout was just about as good as our best Gathering yet. We estimate that there were over 500 cars visited us this time (with well over 100 classics), and about 115 motor bikes (of which over 30 were classic bikes). The variety of vehicles that showed up continues to amaze us. There are the faithful regulars who come whatever the weather, those that come when it’s fine and those that come for the first time (All the lovelypeople, where do they all come from?) 

Yet again we were blessed to have some outstanding and rare vehicles on show. Not just old but rare more modern classics. We continue to be astounded by what comes in through the gate each month – a real feast of quality, rarity and dedicated enthusiasm. As always, if you are interested, intrigued or just fancy an evening out, then come along to the August meeting (on the 15th) to see for yourself.

We successfully utilised our overflow car park again and having got a few teething problems sorted for the marshals, we believe we have it working well. 

A big thank you goes, as always, to all who helped with the organisation and running of the Gathering, but of course all who attended and supported us. 

If you wish to contact us you can email us at greethamgathering@mail.com.

We look forward to seeing you there in August.

Martin Fairbairn

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