June – Little Sun but a great turnout!

Written by  on July 16, 2019 

The Gathering is so dependent upon the weather that we always kick off with a discussion on that aspect of the day. After all being British we are expected to do that! Well, the weather forecast said “dry but cloudy” and for the Gathering that proved to be spot on. However, there were lots of showers on the area and a number of people mentioned they had come through rain to get to the Gathering – and this may well be the reason the numbers were not as we had hoped. Having said that this was the 3rdmost attended Gathering ever!

Following on from a great turn out in May, we extended the area used for classic and vintage vehicles. That meant reducing the public car parking space which had the consequence of us using, for the first time, our new overflow car park. With over 440 cars turning up the overflow car park was brought into play and had in excess of 80 cars in it at one stage. The motor bikes numbered around 85, with over 30 being classics. 

We continue to be surprised that so many previously unseen vehicles attend each month. Also, the distance that people are prepared to travel to come to the Gathering.  It’s so satisfying as this demonstrates the fact that the Gathering message is out there.

We were also able to present a cheque to the Air Ambulance for £2400.00, from our 2018 Gathering takings. Yet again an increased amount over the previous years – and we could only do this thanks to your generous and continuous support. 

After May’s successful meeting we made sure that there were enough cakes and extra effort was put in to ensure the hot food was delivered fast and efficiently. 

A big thank you goes to all who attended and supported us. 

We look forward to seeing you there in July.

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