June 2017 Gathering

Written by  on July 1, 2017 

The organisers of the Gatherings are starting to get a little bit worried. The way in which the Gatherings have grown in numbers is starting to become really noticeable by the sheer space we need to allocate on the field to the classic and vintage vehicles. In June we managed to get more than 140 classic and vintage cars (and buses!) into the usual space, and this was in part thanks to the assistance provided by our new volunteers. Next month we may well move the public parking a bit further up the field and we shall continue to carefully manage parking. Similarly, but on a smaller scale, the motorcycle park was noticeably more crowded with over 80 bikes in total. Now let’s understand that we are not complaining! These are the challenges of success and we are truly grateful to all who support the Gatherings in whatever capacity. Without you and without our volunteers it could not happen. We must be getting some things right!

As mentioned above, we had a record number of cars attend. We counted a total of 278 through the gate of which over 140 were in the display park. This is our BEST YET attendance. Similarly of the 82 bikes (also a record) we had 22 classics and vintage.

Please see the photos for a sample of some of the vehicles that attended. We can’t list every vehicle nor can we publish a picture of them all as web space is limited and costs money! However, we hope that seeing these will encourage you to come again and enjoy the great atmosphere.

Thanks as always must go to all who attended, whether showing a vehicle or not. Also to Andy and crew for the fine food he always prepares; to Anne and team for the bar (which did a great job); to Maureen and Carol for the cakes and coffee, to Lorine for running the raffle, to Debbie, Sue and Pippa on the gate, to Brian, Steve P and Steve C for helping marshalling and to all the supporters who lend a hand as and when. Also, thanks to Scott at the Wheatsheaf (Greetham) for donating a raffle prize.


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